Graber Contrack® 9-974-1 Track System - Ceiling Mount

Graber's 9-974-1 Baton Draw Track System is an extremely smooth operating track with Batons instead of cords for opening and closing the draperies. It is the only track by Graber that is painted White. This set uses the 9-8191 track series. It can be manufactured as a One Way Left Draw, One Way Right Draw or a Two Way Split Draw. This track is designed for Pinch Pleat draperies only and is ceiling mounted.

Features and Benefits

  • Track: 9-8191 Series
    9-8191 Track
  • Baton Draw Track.
  • Forward canted Ball Bearing Carriers (9-840-1) provide erect headings and easy traversing. Sets will be fabricated with 3 carriers per foot of track width.  Additional carriers are available for purchase for extremely full draperies.
  • All metal master carriers with adjustable overlap/baton arms.
  • Painted white track can be bent to any angle on a 12" radius. No continuous curves or reverse curves.
  • Aluminum Wall Thickness is 0.050".
  • Available Finishes:
    • Bright White Painted Finish on Extruded 6063-T5 Aluminum Association Specification Number AA-C22A21

Installation Method

  • This track set includes Graber Snap-in clips (9-955-1) attached to the ceiling .  All brackets and screws are provided with each track set.  The table below shows you the mounting clip spacing recommended by Graber for your size track set.  You will need to adjust the spacing slightly depending upon your actual track size.  You will be supplied the # of clips recommended by Graber for each track ordered.
    Rod Width # of Brackets Bracket Spacing (Typical)
    Up to 24" 2 0"-24"
    24" to 48" 3 0"-24"-48"
    48" to 72" 4 0"-24"-48"-72"
    72" to 96" 5 0"-24"-48"-72"-96"
    96" to 120" 5 0"-24"-60"-96"-120"
    120" to 144" 6 0"-24"-48"-96"-120"-144"
    144" to 192" 7 0"-24"-48"-96"-144"-168"-192"
    192" to 240" 8 0"-24"-48"-96"-144"-192"-216"-240"
    240" to 288" 12 0"-24"-48"-72"-96"-120"-168"-192"-216"-240"-264"-288"

Maximum Widths and Weight Limits

  • Maximum Finished Rod Length:
    • Two Way Draw - 48 Feet
    • One Way Draw - 24 Feet
  • Weight Rating: 5 lbs. per foot of Rod Width
    • Example: 24 Foot One Way Draw can hold 120 lbs. of Drapery Fabric.