Graber Contrack® 9-999-0 Cubicle Track System

Graber 9-999-0 Cubilcle Track SetGraber's 9-999-0 Cubicle Track System is designed for hospital and exam room environments requiring a smooth operating track that is a Hand drawn for opening and closing the draperies. It is a ceiling mounted track that does not use brackets but rather has predrilled holes in the track on 16" center for installation.  This set uses the 9-808 track series and the 9-849-0 Ball Bearing Carrier with Hook.  It is manufactured without a master carrier so you can configure the draw on site. This track is designed for Cubicle curtains with grommets.

Features and Benefits

  • Track: 9-808 Series
    9-808 Track
  • Hand Drawn Track
  • Forward canted Ball Bearing Carriers with hooks (9-849-0) provide erect headings and easy traversing. Sets will be fabricated with 2 carriers per foot of track width.  Additional carriers are available for purchase.
  • Track can be bent to any angle on a 12" radius. Available for continuous or reverse curves.
  • Aluminum Wall Thickness is 0.050".
  • Available Finishes:
    • Extruded 6063-T5 Anodized Satin-Finish Aluminum. Aluminum Association Specification Number AA-C22A21

Installation Method

  • This track set is designed for direct attached to the ceiling .  Track is punched 16" on center for direct to ceiling mount with screws.  Recommended spacing is 4ft.

Maximum Widths and Weight Limits

  • Maximum Finished Rod Length:
    • Two Way Draw - 48 Feet
    • One Way Draw - 24 Feet
  • Weight Rating: 5 lbs. per foot of Rod Width
    • Example: 24 Foot One Way Draw can hold 120 lbs. of Drapery Fabric.